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Intralogistics with NAiSE Traffic & Web-IO

Automating traffic and buildings over the network only works if you have the right hard- and software.

Intralogistics is a complex challenge which the company NAiSE, the world’s first to have mastered a software solution that truly takes into account all the many elements. The Web-IOs from W&T serve as reliable interfaces to the building infrastructure as one of the key system elements.

Many actors coordinate for safety and efficiency

Simple traffic rules only work if traffic situations are clearly discernible at a glance and the numbers are counted. But this is seldom the case in intralogistics: here many different transport systems and vehicles are underway, including driverless transport systems, fork lifts and tugger trains, with pedestrians or machine operators involved as well. Not least the building infrastructure needs to be taken into account, appropriately incorporated and, ideally, automated. Countless actors, actuators, sensors each with their special way of working and typical speeds are involved. Coordinating these many aspects is not only about optimizing processes, preventing bottlenecks and other conflicts so as to increase efficiency and the flow of goods. The safety of all those involved is of course the primary consideration.

Incorporating and automating building infrastructure

Smooth processes in transport and production require among other things well thought out automation of the surrounding building infrastructure. Automatic door and gate systems, traffic lights and other signal devices, fire alarm or lighting systems support the workflow if they can be intelligently incorporated into processes using the software solution from NAiSE. What is the smartest traffic light solution? When does which gate need to be opened for how long? Web-IOs serve as an interface to the various instances of the building infrastructure, enabling easy integration and user-friendly management.

NAiSE software comprehensively regulates the coordination of intralogistics; Web-IOs integrate sensors and actuators from building technology into the processes.

MQTT connects buildings and traffic software

Communication between the building and the NAiSE-Traffic software solution is provided by Web-IO Digital via the network. Thanks to the robust industrial protocol MQTT, the durable network components enable a reliable exchange suitable for all IoT and M2M communications. While the intralogistics software ensures coordination and management of the processes, i.e. is responsible for the "traffic rules", the Web-IOs realize data exchange with the involved building systems: For example, they can switch traffic lights at lightning speed or enter new orders into the software at the press of a button.

Web-IOs link the building technology with the traffic software thanks to MQTT.

Holistic traffic management

The young Stuttgart-based company NAiSE focuses on holistic order and traffic management for intralogistic traffic, material flow and tracking - with traffic control from AGVs/AMRs, forklifts, tugger trains and pedestrians. With the flexible and user-friendly combination of its own software solution and W&T hardware, it equips e.g. Continental, Bosch and Daimler.

With NAiSE Traffic, we are proud to be able to include all intralogistics participants for the first time. Intelligent communication with the building infrastructure is essential here - and is reliably provided by W&T Web- IOs [Marius Mellinger, Business Development Manager @ NAiSE ]

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