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Press Release June 2022

Flexible IO access
with the new Web-IOs from W&T

Wiesemann und Theis GmbH have added two new devices to their Web-IO range for automation and IoT applications.

When the need is to control and monitor switching signals over the network, the Web-IO products from Wiesemann & Theis have long been the best choice. The two new models are even more flexible when it comes to integrating into the world of automation technology and the IoT – thanks to numerous supported protocols and, depending on the need, usable in- and outputs.

Of special note are all the ways to use both models: in addition to email and MQTT, you can use HTTP(S), REST, OPC UA and DA, Modbus-TCP and FTP and even Socket-API for integrating into traditional automation environments as well as Industry 4.0. With their new, compact housings, both models are ideal for installation in a control cabinet and sub-distribution panel.

The Web-IO 4.0 Digital 4xIn/Out #57733 also provides four IO channels which can be used as inputs or as 24V outputs. If you need potential-free contacts, the Web-IO 4.0 Digital 12xIn, 8xRelay Out #57738 offers twelve inputs ready to use with switching contacts or for processing 24V signals. Seven potential-free changeover contacts and one normally open are available. Model #57738 can be powered over PoE without the need for an external power supply.

Model #57733 is available for commercial customers for a net price of 338.00 € from Wiesemann & Theis at wut.de/57733, or model #57738 for a net price of 448.00 € at wut.de/57738.

Wiesemann & Theis was founded in 1979 by Reinhard Wiesemann and Rüdiger Theis. 50 employees at the headquarters in Wuppertal produce microcomputer and network technology products. In 2001 Wiesemann & Theis was the first company to offer the Web Thermometer, the first industrial temperature sensor with a network interface, representing soon twenty years of experience in the areas of Industry 4.0 and internet.

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The new Web-IOs on DIN rail (W&T) Web-IOs on DIN rail