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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

MQTT broker for Web-IO Digital

MQTT has become one of the most used protocols in the world of IoT.
A basic introduction to MQTT technology can be found here.

A quick test by way of introduction?

To get a feeling for the possibilities of MQTT and how it relates to the Web-IO Digital, Web-IO Analog and Web Thermometers, the test broker from Mosquitto is useful. Access is free and you can use it immediately without registering or configuring.

Detailed information can be found on the corresponding Mosquitto web page https://test.mosquitto.org.

The broker address is: test.mosquitto.org
TCP port for unencrypted access: 1883

MQTT broker configuration

T$CP port for SSL/TLS encrypted access: 8883

MQTT broker configuration

Find the right MQTT broker for your application

Actually we planned to show here an overview of various providers for MQTT broker services in which we compare the supported features with each other.

But in researching this we found that the offering is simply much too vast, which also applies to the individual requirements.

It therefore seems much more important to first determine which requirements need to be met so that one can then decide which vendor makes sense.

We hope you find the following catalog of questions helpful.

  • Should use of the broker be free or are charges acceptable?
  • Does data transmission need to be encrypted?
  • Is user administration required?
  • Is a web client also required (viewing topics and payload in the browser)?
  • How many topics are required?
  • Are the topics freely selectable? (With some brokers the root topic is already given.)
  • Does the location of the server on which the broker is active make a difference (data security)?
  • Is a possible restriction of the data quantity compatible with my application?

Operate your own MQTT broker

The simplest way to use an MQTT broker in your own network is the MQTT.box. This cigar box size server contains a complete MQTT broker. User administration and configuration are done over the integrated web interface.
More details about the MQTT.box

Alternatively you can install the Open Source MQTT broker from Mosquito on a Linux or Windows server.
Details about the MQTT broker from Mosquitto