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Press release September 2022

Switch By Phone:
The new SIP Ring Switch

Network specialist Wiesemann & Theis has expanded their Web-IO range with the SIP RIng Switch, a switching module for Voice-over-IP networks.

Like an IP telephone, the SIP Ring Switch is inserted into the existing IP telephone system or FritzBox. Calling the assigned number or extension can then trigger switching actions, such as operating door openers, cabinets, shutters, lighting systems or triggering an email alarm or ancillary bell ("gas station alarm"). Thanks to Voice-over-IP the SIP Ring Switch can be incorporated into the local network at any location without the cabling effort required by other solutions.

Four separate channels are available. The web interface of the device can be used to determine which action should be initiated by an incoming call. The call can for example trigger an output - for the duration of the call or by using selection of a second call number (or the web interface of the device) to turn it off again. Calling can also trigger a change in the respective switching state of the output. Up to 30 actions can be configured per device.

Model #57753 is available from Wiesemann & Theis to commercial customers for a net price of 438.00 € by going to wut.de/57753. You can test the unit at no charge for 30 days. More information available at wut.de/sip or by calling +49 202 2680110.

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH was founded in 1979 by Reinhard Wiesemann and Rüdiger Theis. With 50 employees the company designs and produces microcomputer and network technology. In 2001 Wiesemann & Theis introduced the Web Thermometer, the first industrial temperature sensor with a network interface. In the fields of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things they can look back over more than twenty years of experience.

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  • Thumbnail: Function description and applications for the SIP Ring Switch
  • Thumbnail: The new SIP Ring Switch


Graphic: Function description and applications for the SIP Ring Switch [W&T] Function description and applications for the SIP Ring Switch

Image: The new SIP Ring Switch [W&T] SIP Ring Switch: Switching in Voice-over-IP networks.