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Switching by phone call

Thanks to VolP and SIP

SIP Ring Switch - Switching via SIP

Open gates or doors remotely? Trigger alarms by switching signal lamps, horns, bells or sirens? Control outdoor lighting? All it takes is a phone call.


Voice-Over-IP has been an established communication standard for years. The advantage of this technology is that telephones, PCs and other terminal devices can operate in one and the same network. Regardless of which network socket a telephone is plugged into – it automatically logs in to the telephone system and can be immediately used at the respective location. This login procedure and control of the telephone connections is handled by the SIP protocol (Sessdion Initiation Protocol).

Switch using the SIP Ring Switch when a call is made

The SIP Ring Switch registers with the telephone system like an IP telephone. It can also represent multiple extensions.

By creating an action you can determine what happens when a number stored in the SIP Ring Switch is called. Following are some of the possibilities:

  • An output is turned on for the duration of the call
  • An output is turned on with the incoming call
    A second call number can be used to turn the output off
    or reached via the web interface of the SIP Ring Switch
  • An output is turned on when a call comes in and turns off
    automatically after a configurable time
  • An output changes its switching state each time a call comes in
When a call is made an output signal lamp is turned on

To protect from unauthorized switching you can specify from which station connection switching is allowed. Of course several authorized stations or entire groups can also be stored.

In addition, a call can also trigger sending of an http(s) request to a third device where certain functions such as positioning of a web camera are performed.

Other actions can be used to send emails when certain outputs are switched. By writing a log file via FTP you can record when an output was switched.

Application examples

  • Triggering alarms by switching signal lamps, horns, bells or sirens
  • Remote opening of doors, gates or barriers
  • Controlling interior or exterior lighting

Application Examples

  • Application

    SIP Ring Switch - Switching via SIP
    Phone call opens garage door

    Remote control using SIP Ring Switch and Fritz!Box

  • Application

    SIP Ring Switch - Switching via SIP
    Additional ring tone on Fritz!Box

    SIP Ring Switch switches "filling station bell"

  • Application

    SIP Ring Switch - Switching via SIP
    Switching via phone call

    SIP RIng Switch on
    Asterisk telephone system


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    SIP Ring Switch

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