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Press Release July 2018

Web-IO 4.0: Analog signals over MQTT and REST

Both new "Web-IO 4.0 Analog" units from electronics manufacturer Wiesemann & Theis allow analog signals to be read and set using the IoT protocol MQTT and REST.

The "Web-IO 4.0 Analog 0-20mA" and "Web-IO 4.0 Analog 0-10V" are each equipped with two channels for analog signals, each of which can be operated as an input or output. Access is via a Web interface or any of the many protocols available on the network, automation and application level.

Freely configurable actions respond to limit violations and to changes in the signal level. The devices can sent e-mail alarms and SNMP traps or initiate an MQTT publish.

Modbus/TCP is among the options available for integration into traditional industrial applications. Current solutions from the realm of Industry 4.0 are implemented using the MQTT interface. A RESTFul interface is available for access using Web technologies.

These products replace the previous models 57661 and 57662. They are available now for a net price of 298 € each. Additional information about the products and the availability of a no-charge, 4-week test period is provided by the manufacturer at their Web page www.wut.de/analog.

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH was founded in 1979 by Reinhard Wiesemann and Rüdiger Theis. 50 employees at the Wuppertal headquarters produce microcomputer and network technology. In 2001 Wiesemann & Theis were the first to introduce an industrial temperature sensor with network interface, and have for more than fifteen years been specializing in solutions from the realm of Industry 4.0.

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Web-IO Analog (W&T) With the Web-IO 4.0 Analog you use the network to access analog voltage and current signals.