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The iOS & Android app for Web-IO 4.0 and Web Thermometer

Web-IO2Go for iOS

The Web-IOs from Wiesemann & Theis have for over 15 years been used to incorporate digital or analog in- and outputs into networks. Manual monitoring and switching is generally performed through the Web interface. The Web-IO app now offers a convenient alternative for fast access over a cell phone.


  • Automatic inventorying

    The Web-IO app automatically addsWeb-IOs in the local subnetwork to its inventory. Which devices can be reached once they have been detected can be seen at a glance.

  • Inventorying Web-IO2Go
  • Reading out inputs and counter states

    The Web-IO app offers you convenient access to counter states, measurement values and switching states on the analog and digital inputs of your Web-IOs.

  • Reading out Web-IO2Go
  • Switching outputs and setting output values

    With the Web-IO app you set the states of the digital outputs or adjust the output values of the analog interfaces.

  • Switching Web-IO2Go
  • Installing via iTunes:

    Installing via Google Play:

  • iTunes:
    Web-IO2Go iOs
    Google Play:
    Web-IO2Go Android

Application ideas

  • Server room temperature in your pants pocket

    Responsible employees use the Web-IO app to keep an eye on the temperature in server rooms and individual racks at all times.

  • Access control

    Custodian and building supervisor open doors and barriers from anywhere on the grounds.

  • And many others

    The Web-IO app assists you wherever you want to monitor, switch and control by mobile means.

Supported Web-IOs*

*The app supports all Web-IO models in the local network. For external connectivity, for example via dynamic DNS or a static IP, models with version number 4.0 are required.

Supported Web Thermometers

*The app also supports the older Web-Thermographs in the local network. For external connectivity, for example via dynamic DNS, models from the current Web Thermometer series are required (Art.: 577**).

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The app uses among others the following libraries:

Licence: [https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire/blob/master/LICENSE]

License: [https://github.com/SVProgressHUD/SVProgressHUD/blob/master/LICENSE]