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Case history:

Holiday resort enhances its website

Why should a holiday resort not publish the number of sunny days with temperatures above 20°C that people could enjoy there? There is now an attractive and simple online solution that does away with created temperature tables that must be constantly updated manually.

Web Thermometer

The holiday resort’s managers chose the W&T Web Thermometer. The thermocouple was easily mounted at a location that suited the network administrator, who assigned the IP parameters. A WAN access was already available so that a short entry in the NAT table of the router was sufficient to make the web thermometer publicly available on the Internet.

All that had to be done was to create a link to the Web Thermometer on the respective web pages.

The option to include external links on the web pages generated by the thermometer was welcomed by one of the local restaurant owners, who actually placed his add there (and paid for it).

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