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abaNSM - Network and system monitoring

Monitoring, alarm sending, maintenance/diagnostics, long-term archiving and logging of all important properties and events of manageable network components: abaNSM is an information gatherer for your Ethernet network.

In addition to the traditional components such as servers, PCs, switches, routers, services, processes, etc. more and more intelligent sensors are becoming available which can be analyzed, queried and monitored.

The W&T Web-Thermo Hygrobarograph is used among other things for monitoring control rooms. An ideal room temperature guarantees the life expectancy of devices specified by the manufacturer, including devices such as controllers and servers, and provides information about the failure of an air conditioning system.

In this specific example various control rooms are monitored in a pharmaceutical operation at a Höchst location. The W&T Web-Thermo-Hygrobarograph is queried via abaNSM.

Quick access

abaNSM web page - Quick access (Dashboard)

The various values are updated at a time interval freely selected by the user. For every measurement, limit values are defined and assigned various priorities (alarms).

If the measurement is below or above these limits, the responsible employee is notified via e-mail.

The user then dials in and opens the NSM web page for detailed information.

The alarm is stored in the database with the following information:
  • When did the alarm arrive?
  • When did it leave?
  • When was it cleared?
In addition, the signals (for a time period freely selectable by the user) are stored in the SQL database and added to various trends.

Trend display

abaNSM - Web page trend display

A complete overview every instant using abaNSM and the W&T Web-Thermo-Hygrobarograph:


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