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Convenient climate management

Building automation with logiccloud & Web-IO

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Heating and cooling are key priorities for building automation in industrial contexts such as warehousing, production and water/wastewater as well.

Building Intelligence

Digitalization has changed building management, making it more efficient and profitable. Intelligent controllers save resources by optimizing management and significantly reducing the needed maintenance outlay. But even digital solutions can tie up capacities, if for example the control and programming are linked to the hardware or the physical network on site. The practical solution lies in the cloud, which reduces the necessary presence on site to a minimum.

Monitoring, controlling, programming in the cloud

Climate management is a topic which is tailor made for a cloud solution. And with logiccloud you can achieve not only monitoring, but also control and even programming in the cloud. The smart thing is to choose reliable hardware and sensors that can be easily connected to the cloud.

Recording climate data made easy with the Web Thermometer

Climate management of office spaces, warehouses or other industrial facilities is made efficient - because it’s practical - when it is based on use of the W&T Web-IO. Because the W&T components feature rapid installation and integration. For example to monitor the temperature and switch the air conditioning off or on when a specified temperature range is exceeded, all you need is to W&T components: W&T Web Thermometers record the relevant climate data and the Web-IOs carry out the required switching operations. The photo shows the user interface of an installation with a Web-Thermo-Hygrobarometer and a Web-IO 4.0 Digital: here the desired climate data are acquired and monitored. When the specified limits are violated, the command to switch the air conditioning on or off comes from the cloud.

Graphic: Application example logiccloud Web-IO
Even more complex operations such as PID control can be easily handled in the browser.

Remote parameterization and control to the cloud

The W&T components can be handled via their web-based management. If control functions need to be executed outside the respective network, the cloud platform of logiccloud provides the solution: it enables not only monitoring and switching from anywhere. With logiccloud you can even perform programming in the cloud. In our example the W&T devices are linked to logiccloud via MQTT. Here the online PLC monitors the transmitted measurement values and controls the heating. In the simplest case by direct comparison with the specified values, or in the more complex model for example using a PID controller. In addition, the cloud offers an application-optimized HMI which can be invoked on all browser-capable devices for displaying the temperature values and specifying nominal values.

Complete but streamlined automation

By using W&T devices on site together with logiccloud, customers benefit from a complete automation solution which is characterized by durable hardware and user-friendly software architecture. The costs of a complete automation solution are reduced accordingly. Remoting the PLC programs to the cloud enables software changes from anywhere without any additional programming software, thereby significantly reducing the management and maintenance outlay when compared with hardware-based or network-bound solutions.

Screenshot: programming an application
Configuration, parameterization and even programming can be individually changed from anywhere.

Our partner logiccloud

Logiccloud AG was founded in 2021 with the aim of creating a SaaS cloud platform as a replacement for industrial (hardware) control systems, which can also be used to implement new, innovative business models. With the know-how from countless projects and more than 100 years of experience in the automation of industrial processes, logiccloud supports you in . implementing this software-based solution for both your new and your existing applications.

The combination of WuT devices with logiccloud enables customers to implement modern and future-proof IoT solutions at a fair price , says Michael Böhrer. [CMO @ Logiccloud]

Compatible products

  • Web Thermometer

    Web Thermometer with two inputs
    Web Thermometer

    Temperature measurement via network

  • Analog

    Web-IO 4.0 Analog 0-20mA
    Analog Web-IO

    Switching analog signals

  • Digital 24V

    Web-IO 2x
    Digital Web-IOs 24V

    Switching 24 Volt signals

  • Digital 230V

    Web-IO 1x 230V, 1x Relay
    Digital Web-IOs 230V

    Switching 230 Volt signals

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