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Switching between locations

Tunnel IO signals "Box-to-Box" through the network

IO signals across continents

Switching signals are often not needed where they are generated. But unfortunately it is not so easy to carry switching signals across longer distances.

In addition to the wiring effort and possible electrical interference, lack of rights of way often plays a role as well. One simple and secure alternative is to send switching signals over the existing network. Our Web-IO products offers several ways to do this:

The Box-to-Box solution is ideal especially in local networks or over VPN connections. Two Web-IO boxes are configured such that the outputs on the one Web-IO automatically assume the switching states of the inputs on the other unit - in both directions if needed.

Also, using MQTT you can send switching signals across networks using (DSL-) router borders - generally without the need to configure the routers.

In addition, by storing specific corresponding actions you can merge Web-IOs centrally at various locations.

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