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Data sheet:

PC-PC Soft-Links

  • Soft-Links

    from COM 5  over TCP/IP/Ethernet to COM 7

Computer-computer couplings over virtual COM Ports:


W&T Soft-Links allow Windows programs whose communication normally takes place over local COM ports to use the network. Opening the virtual COM ports establishes a TCP connection between the two computers. Your application becomes network-compatible without having to change a single line of program code. Up to 256 COM ports are made available in this way.

Simply install the Soft-Link driver on both PCs running Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and add a virtual COM port. You’re done! The software will run at no charge for 30 days, after which a license must be acquired for installation.

Would you like to redirect a virtual COM port to one of our Com-Servers that links your device to the network?
To W&T COM Port Redirector

System requirements

  • Operating system Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7 incl. 64-bit and server editions.
  • Network card (Ethernet)
  • Installed TCP/IP stack

Software (COM Port Redirector Legacy) incl. 30-day demo

Article list

*Net unit price for
commercial users
    • PC-PC Soft-Links
      (Unfortunately, this article cannot be ordered as a sample, but you can find a 30-day demo version for free downloading here.)
    • 58136
    • 98.00€

* Our offering is intended only for commercial users. We will be happy to refer private end customers to trading partners through whom our products can be purchased.