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Press release January 2015:


Continue to run your proven modem applications even after 2016.

The efforts by the Telekom to get rid of their analog/ISDN network by 2016 are in full swing. The change to IP-based technology presents no great problems for telephones and Internet connections. But the situation is quite different for all the standard analog/ISDN modems in use in remote control and alarm technology. These will no longer function after the changeover, so users are in a tight spot here.

With the AT Modem Emulator from Wiesemann & Theis you can replace your old standard modems 1:1 and continue to run your proven serial remote control technology with no changes. Instead of using the telephone network, AT modem emulators create the connection to each other over the IP network. In centrally structured systems where for example a central location dials various outside locations one after the other to retrieve data, use of the AT Modem Emulator in pairs is not necessary. Instead, on the computer side special virtual COM ports on the no-cost W&T COM Port Redirector can be used.

The AT Modem Emulator features an industrial grade housing and can be supplied by Power-over-Ethernet or externally with 24V DC. The configuration of the serial port is pin-compatible with standard modems, so that no special cables are needed.

The list price of the AT Modem Emulator is 398.-- Euro plus VAT.

W&T gives you the opportunity to test any of our equipment for 30 days with no obligation.

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