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Application example for the serial Com-Server:

Route modem connections through the network


Without programming or cumbersome re-configuration.
By simply using all existing hardware and software components.

Three experts had been discussing for three hours how existing intelligent alarm systems with modem control located in Bonn and Paris respectively could most cost-effectively be connected to a monitoring system in Berlin. At that point, the company electrician pulled a small blue box out of his pocket and claimed that he could set up all the necessary connections immediately, as there was already a network linking the three sites.

The details

Alarm systems, test equipment, air conditioning monitoring systems and their associated control programs often require that a dial-up modem be connected to the RS232 port in order to exchange alarms or configuration data. As many companies already have a network infrastructure that connects the remote locations with each other, it makes sense to use the network for transfer of the serial data.

As the LAN modems are provided with an AT command interpreter on the serial side, it is possible to replace the fee-charging dial-up network without any additional programming by existing TCP/IP communication routes. All that is required is the replacement of the telephone number with an IP address or the respective IP name.

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