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Application for the serial Com-Server:

Write measurement data with WuT directly to the network server

Don’t get annoyed, just do it!

Serial measuring device

Without programming or cumbersome re-configuration.

When a user of several barcode readers was once more annoyed about the many different data concentrators, he was asked by a trainee why he didn’t let the small blue boxes of W&T write the data directly to the hard disk of his file server. It worked, instantly and without any programming!

The details

FTP is a standard application for file transfer known from the Internet and available on almost every computer equipped with TCP/IP. Under this protocol you can also output complete file contents to the Com-Server’s serial port or read characters from the serial port into files. As with every application based on TCP/IP, it differentiates between the FTP client, where data exchange is initiated, and the FTP server providing the service. The Com-Server is suitable for both options.

FTP server

This mode should be used when the data you want to send is in file format and the action is always initiated by your PC or UNIX host. No pre-configuration of the Com-Server is necessary for this mode. You can access the device like any other station in the network at FTP port 21 under its name or IP address.

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FTP client - automatic or with serial protocol

This mode allows the Com-Server to access files in any PC or UNIX host, which has an FTP server, activated. The action must always be initiated from the serial terminal device.

The "automatic FTP client" mode is recommended for systems where the same command is to be carried out whenever data is received on the serial port. With the available APPEND command, it is for example possible to add sporadically occurring error messages to one single file containing all such messages on the FTP server.

Use the Com-Server in "FTP/Client with serial protocol" mode, on the other hand, if you wish to carry out constantly changing commands and with different files and be able to input data at the terminal or to program the system on the serial side. The following commands are available: save file, output file, delete file, attach to file, show directory.

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