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W&T Interfaces
for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA,
Glass and plastic fiber optic cabled, http, SNMP, OPC, Modbus TCP, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI

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Applications for the Com-Server and LAN modem:

Integrate serial devices into the network - in a universal and flexible way -

OPC client OPC
Integration of arbitrary serial devices into the network


Information about startup and integration:

easy start

Sample applications: transparent exchange

NEW! - WLAN for hardwired Ethernet devices
Use the WLAN Client Bridge to incorporate remote hardwired Ethernet islands into the WLAN.
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NEW! - TTY Redirector - Redirect TTY to the network
Make your serial Linux application network-compatible with pseudo-TTYs and Com-Servers
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Network connection for Logo!® Steuerung and Display Logo!® TD
Com-Servers link Siemens Logo!® controller and Display TD over the Intra- or Internet - with virtually no distance restriction
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S7-200 with PPI port on Com-Server
Program up- and downloading plus status over the network - if needed over the Internet as well.
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W&T COM Port Redirector

Make your serial software network-enabled without changing a single line of code.
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RS232 line driver from Bonn to Berlin

Box-to-Box mode connects any serial devices - even worldwide if needed.
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Sample applications: Intranet and Internet applications

Publish Web-IOs and Com-Servers in the Internet via DSL

Dynamic IP addresses, NAT and other things you need to know.
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Weather with PHP and Com-Server into the network

TCP socket connection to a serial weather station.
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Your serial devices as web servers

You handle the ASCII protocol HTTP, the Com-Server handles the rest.
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Overview for manufacturers and integrators
You are a manufacturer or integrator of a serial device and want to make it "network-capable", "Web-based" or "Internet-capable"?
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Write measured data directly to your network server,
No problem with the Com-Server as FTP server or FTP client.
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Sample applications: Other things you can do

Serial devices, digital I/Os and temperature probes in the wireless LAN

Incorporation of Com-Servers, Web-Thermo-Hygrograph and Web-IO in WLANs with Ethernet client bridges.
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Com-Server and automation technology

Standard visualizations gather serial data over the network.
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Existing network instead of expensive dial-up connection - without changing the terminal devices
Simply replace the dial-up numbers with IP addresses and standard modems with LAN modems - and you’re done.
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Coupling of Ethernet LANs over all kinds of cable
Com-Servers as SLIP rounters connect your Ethernet islands - even over normal telephone cable for example.
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Connecting serial systems/devices per SLIP
Your device already has its own TCP/IP stack, but only one physical serial port?
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Access the serial device via Internet
Worldwide access using just one official IP address - IP Masquerade makes it possible
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Over the network with 30 lines: Programming TCP/IP sockets

Leaner, less complicated and more direct than programming serial interfaces.
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Background information

Com-Server FAQs

Startup, configuration, applications and application ideas.
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Internet ABCs and ABCs of network cabling

Terms frequently used in connection with network technology concisely explained
Internet ABCs
Network cabling