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W&T Com-Server

Serial interface on the network


The highly compact W&T Com-Server offers everything you need to directly connect serial ports to a network. The serial ports on the Com-Server can be toggled between RS232, RS422 and RS485 (optional also 20mA).

The basic modes COM Port Redirector, Box-to-Box and TCP socket server are supported by all Com-Servers.

Run modes

COM Port Redirector

Configure your serial program to a virtual COM port - and you’re done! The W&T COM Port Redirector, which is designed as a Windows core driver, supports up to 254 virtual COM ports and redirects them to the network on a Com-Server. Your serial communication becomes network-capable without a single line of programming.

COM Port Redirector


Connect 2 Com-Servers logically to each other and use an operating system-independent and transparent tunnel through the network. Serial data are sent bidirectionally to the mutual partner.


TCP socket server

Simply open a TCP connection to the Com-Server from your own program and then communicate with any serial device connected there - without drivers and with complete connection control. If desired you can also use this method to configure the serial transmission parameters.


Other operating modes

Depending on the device type other modes are available:

  • FTP client and server
  • Telnet client and server
  • UDP Peer

The Com-Server++ also includes:

  • ++ Multipoint Mode:
    Distribute the transmission data from your serial device to up to six network devices at the same time Whether for archiving or monitoring, copying of the serial data can be invoked on a configurable slave port.

  • ++ Packeting options:
    Received serial protocols are often sensitive to pauses in the serial data flow. To prevent such timeouts and ensure complete transmission of the datagrams in a network packet, the Com-Server++ features numerous configuration options for detecting datagram limits (Start/Stop terminators, Start + Length, etc.).

Com-Server family

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The complete Com-Server range can be found at Com-Server Overview

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