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Com-Server, USB-Server, Web-IO and Web-Thermometer:

FAQ overview

Commissioning, configuration, troubleshooting

Here, you will find everything relating to the commissioning of Com-Servers, Web-IOs and Web Thermometers in the network, their configuration access and also what diagnostic facilities are available, if ever a problem occurs. How can I assign IP addresses, where can I find the correct network parameters, what must be remembered when setting serial parameters, what might be the reason why a device is suddenly no longer reachable in the network,...?

These are only some examples of questions which are answered under the following links:

Applications and deployment alternatives

Are you concerned with applications or with setting up certain operation modes such as e.g. box-to-box, e-mails, SLIP etc.? You have ideas for potential applications, but are not sure whether they are feasible with the devices?

The following pages containing frequently asked questions will either provide you with straightforward answers or perhaps the final instruction for actually implementing a planned application.