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Application for EnOcean Com-Server

Local and centralized control with radio signals

Simple control tasks can be implemented using just EnOcean radio sensors and radio actuators with extremely low installation effort. But the system reaches its limits with applications requiring both local and centralized control and monitoring functions.

The application shown here uses the example of a stairwell lighting controller in which the illumination is turned on with the press of a button and turned off again after a certain time to demonstrate the interplay of radio components with the EnOcean Com-Server and its control system.

EnOcean Com-Server

Although this application is a relatively trivial one, you can see which application types make access to a control system using the EnOcean Com-Server: Applications in which local events need to be overwritten or monitored by a central entity.

For example, in an office building each user can individually tailor the illumination or the setting of the blinds according to his needs. At the same time, a central entity can ensure that all the blinds are closed and the lights in the entire building be turned off at a certain time.