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Small, reliable, versatile

rule.box hub, digital, usb and serial

Edge Computers with Node-Red

The rule.box is the missing piece of the puzzle for implementing your automation tasks. Thanks to the Node-RED graphical development environment it’s effortless to create, operate and monitor IoT/IIoT applications.


The rule.box can be used in small applications such as an intelligent limit value switch or as a simple timer, but also as the link between your data sources and common clouds, IoT components, databases and individual dashboards.

The various models of the rule.box let you connect digital IOs, serial terminal devices and USB devices.

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    Automation center

    The rule.box gives you a compact controller you can use to process your data centrally. Node-Red lets these data be used in automation processes, turning the rule.box into a full-featured compact controller in the control cabinet.

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    IoT gateway

    The rule.box as an IoT gateway represents a link to cloud services or other IoT devices. For example you can pass sthe data collected in the local network to higher level systems after individualized pre-processing.

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    Would you rather not have to keep a constant eye on your applications but still not miss anything? Get notifications about the status of your application in regular updates when there are changes or alarm situations.

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    Whether building automation or process visualization. Always have the overview using an individually customized dashboard. The data are prepared by the rule.box and then represented in easy to recognize form.

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    Keep control in your own hands! The dashboard lets you keep track of the status of your Node-Red automation and lets you intervene whenever needed. If fixed switching times are needed you can also use the rule.box as a timer.

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    Industry grade

    With DIN rail mount, PoE or 24V power and all the necessary approvals, the rule.box is ideal as an edge computer for industrial use.

Get to your flow in just a few clicks!

As nodes you connect your data end points to virtual sequences, so-called flows.
The Node-RED library contains W&T nodes for Web-IO data polling and a variety of manufacturer-neutral nodes. For example you can connect your digital Web-IO from W&T to your dashboard.

Node-RED editor
Use drag&drop to connect your Web-IOs to the Internet of Things.
Node-RED dashboard
Individual dashboards give you the overview.

The benefits at a glance

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    Fast setup

    Connect, assign IP, configure in the browser, done!

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    Secure continuous operation

    Industrial grade hardware, rugged operating system, low heat build-up

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    Low current consumption

    Current consumption just 100mA at 24V – more efficient than an industrial PC or most controllers.

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    Easy to adapt

    Simple integration with common IoT, industry and web protocols; can be incorporated into your own web interfaces.

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    When you need us you won’t end up in some call center. Direct contact to engineers who understand you and your project.

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    Our promise

    Long service life, with a 5-year guarantee, long-term availability and fast solutions when there’s a problem.

Test now for 30 days!
*No risk: commercial customers can also test Web-IOs for 30 days at no cost.
If the Web-IO doesn’t meet your needs, you can simply return it within 30 days.


We offer numerous tutorials in video and text format.
For more examples visit us on our application pages

Video screenshot
Your application in 2 minutes
Video screenshot
rule.box as IP watcher
Video screenshot
Trigger time-based events
Graphic: Diagram
Graphic: Diagram
rule.box as IP watcher
Graphic: Diagram
Trigger time-based events