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Remote control for radio station in South Korea

A Korean TV channel operates a radio station at 582m above sea level. To avoid a technician regularly having to trek out to the location for inspections and intervention and even to prevent outages, the Witree company has equipped the transmitting station with W&T components. The associated software including Node-RED dashboard now enables real-time monitoring and intervention from the central location.

A difficult to access location

The radio station of OBS Gyeongin TV has transformers and generators whose condition and status needs to be monitored in real-time. Because it is located at a difficult to access elevation it is unmanned. When maintenance is required or error messages are received, a staff member has to make the trek. A remote solution was therefore proposed for monitoring and fault analysis.

Radio tower
The transmitting station of a Korean television channel lies at a difficult to access elevation.

Monitoring & control with just a few components

To monitor the temperature of an electric generator a Web Thermometer is used along with two analog Web-IOs for controlling the temperature and relative humidity inside the station. A Web-IO digital is used for monitoring and controlling the entry gate. The measurement and status data are bundled and visualized by the rule.box. When needed the dashboard can also be used for switching, for example to open or close the gate. All the monitoring requirements are met with just five components, so that installation is fast while saving cost and space.

Control cabinet
The W&T components are installed compactly and securely in the control cabinet.

One of many possible component combinations.

Diagram: Monitoring with Node-RED
The graphic shows the straightforwardness of the application, which gets by with individual components and data control by the rule.box edge computer. This method allows countless individual or smaller complex monitoring or automation tasks to be managed.

The web-based user interfaces of the Web-IOs could just as well be used for monitoring and control. But use of the rule.box has the advantage that all the data are organized and available at any time from a centrally located dashboard. The desired switching actions are here again triggered from the central location. Thanks to the "low-code" development tool Node-RED even simple automation processes can be programmed in just a few clicks.

Please fill out
The Node-RED dashboard from Witree.

Industrial Communication in South Korea

The Witree company was founded in 2007 and has been a distributor for W&T products since 2020. They offer both component integration and programming services related to industrial communication control and smart factory solutions. In addition to the experience that Witree can boast of in these areas, their customers also appreciate the longevity and quality of the W&T products:

Customers feel very comfortable and happy with the W&T + Node-RED solution. Compared to other solutions (S/W & H/W), developing this application saved time and costs. (Anderson, CEO Witree)

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