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SNMP Management

Would you like to monitor digital and analog measurements via SNMP MIB?

SNMP manager TCP/IP network SNMP agent for:
SNMP Manager Digital/analog sensors via SNMP
  • Potential-free contacts (normally open/normally closed)
  • Read and set digital signals up to 30V
  • Temperatures, relative/absolute humidity
  • Analog sensors (0...10V or 0...20mA)

SNMP manager such as HP’s OpenView or SNMPc from Castlerock are widely used as standard tools for monitoring especially servers and infrastructure components. In addition to the traditional information, e.g. for restarts or component loading, much additional information is needed especially in the field of automation technology and building automation:

  • Potential-free contacts for your doors/windows in the server room or on the network cabinet
  • Temperature and humidity in special rooms
  • Alarms from smoke or motion detectors

On the following pages you will find a variety of Web-IO products that enable fast and simple incorporation into your management system using integrated SNMP agents and the associated MIB vis SNMP polling or as trap:

Device Overviews Application example
Web-IO Analog
Acquire and archive analog measurements
Web-IO Digital
Switch, monitor, generate alarms
SNMP trap if a power failure occurs in the server room
Web Thermometer
Acquire temperature and air humidity values