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OPC Server:

Visualize measurement values in OPC

Visualize digital / analog measurement values with an OPC client

Visualization /
OPC client
W&T OPC Server Web-IO and Com-Servers for:
Process visualization, building management, control technology Acquiring OPC variables
  • potential-free contacts (normally open/normally closed)
  • digital signals up to 30V
    (monitoring, controlling, counting)
  • temperatures, relative humidity
  • analog signals (0...10V or 0...20mA)
  • RS232/422/485 barcodes, ASCII strings ...

Visualization systems for process engineering, industrial automation technology, building automation as well as many MDE/BDE programs generally use standardized OPC technology for getting at the values and status information for representation. As an OPC client you connect to the OPC servers of various hardware manufacturers and read there the desired OPC variables. With the help of the W&T OPC Server your visualization program thereby has a variety of external I/O signals available:

  • Potential-free contacts on doors, windows, machines, conveyor belts
  • Temperature and air humidity for special rooms in climate control
  • Alarms from smoke or motion detectors
  • RS232 data from barcode scanners, scales, etc.

On the following pages you will find a variety of products which together with the W&T OPC Server provide fast and simple integration of remote I/O points to your visualization system:

Device Overviews Example applications
Web-IO Analog
Acquire and archive analog measurements
Web-IO Digital
Switch, monitor, generate alarms
Monitor tank levels and conveyor belt status
Web Thermometer
Acquire temperature and air humidity values
Serial communication via TCP/IP/Ethernet
Com-Server and automation technology