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Would you like to visualize analog measurements with RRDTool?

Info graphic

Process visualization, building management, control technology
Linux/Unix servers

Acquiring OPC variables
Web-IO Thermometer and Analog-In for:

-> ... temperatures, air humidity (relative/absolute)
-> ... analog signals (0...10V or 0...20mA)

With the help of the RRDTool and the script modified by W&T you can freely configure and adapt graphic representations of analog measured values to your needs. Many Linux/Unix users already use this procedure for example to visualize network load conditions. In combination with W&T Web-Thermometers and Web-IO Analog-In modules you have a variety of integration options at your disposal.

... Temperature and air humidity for special rooms in climate control
... any analog measured values in 0/4...20mA or 0...10V format

On the following pages you will find a variety of products which in combination with the RRDTool make it fast and easy to create information graphics:

Device Overviews