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Interfaces for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA, glass and plastic fiber optic cable, http, SNMP, OPC, Modbus TCP, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI
Data sheet:

RS232 > Centronics interface, standard, 4+4 Kbytes

  • RS232 > Centronics interface, standard

Centronics printer to RS232 interface


General information:

  • Parallel printer to RS232
  • Interface for all purposes
    • Baud rates between 300 and 76,800 baud
    • Safety FIFO for slow UNIX handshake procedures
    • Integrated print data buffer
  • User-friendly interface
    • Automatic detection of the RS232 parameters
  • Smart interface solution
    • High-end electronics discretely secured in attractive plug housing
  • Ready to plug
    • to 9-pin PC-COM port
    • Pluggable to 25-pin PC COM ports via supplied mini gender changer #11570
    • Pluggable to 25-pin terminal AUX ports via supplied mini gender changer #11580

Background information:

Connect a standard parallel printer to measuring devices, terminals, telephone systems and mid-range systems. The interfaces resemble simple connecting cables, are able to automatically detect the transfer parameters and can be used for all printer models.

If you appreciate the elegance of a Low Power interface cable that works without any additional power supply, take a look at the "RS232 > Centronics, passive interface", Prod. No. 82000. Some mobile applications aren’t possible without it!

Technical data

  • Baud rate:
    • 300..76,800 baud
  • Data format:
    • 7,8 data bits, no,even,odd parity
  • Handshake:
    • DTR, XON/XOFF handshake
  • Buffer:
    • 8 kBytes (4 kBytes + 4 kBytes overflow buffer)
  • Power supply:
    • Supplied power adapter
  • Current consumption:
    • approx. 50 mA
  • Input:
    • 9-pin SUB-D socket
    • ready for connection to PC
    • incl. 2m cable attached to the device
  • Output:
    • 36-pin Centronics plug, interface
    • Can be plugged directly to the printer
  • Housing:
    • Plastic housing, 75x61x20 mm
  • Weight:
    • 425 g incl. power adapter
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 1 x RS232 > Centronics interface, standard
    • 1x power adapter for application in office
    • 1x mini gender changer, #11570
    • 1x mini gender changer, #11580