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Applications for the RFID Server:

Switch digital outputs when a tag event occurs

You want to turn on a signal lamp when a tag is detected. When the tag leaves the capture range, the signal needs to be turned off again.

  • The signal lamp is hard-wired to the RFID Server.
    Step 1
  • Defining a filter set in the RFID Server.
    Config >> W&T Tag-Control >> MASTER >> Filterset 1 Step 2
  • To turn Output 1 on and off an action is specified for each operation.
    Config >> W&T Tag-Control >> Action >> Action 1 Step 3 Config >> W&T Tag-Control >> Action >> Action 2 Step 4
  • This configuration ensures that when a tag is detected, Output 1 on the RFID Server is turned on, and when the tag leaves Output 1 is turned off.