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Press Release September 2012:


The Smart Phone Climate Logger

The WuTooth is positioned at the measuring locaton and autonomously records temperature and relative humidity values. These values can be read out at any time via Android smart phone or a tablet PC as soon as the WuTooth app is installed and the smart phone is in the vicinity of the measuring location. Communication is wireless via the Bluetooth interface.

The WuTooth can be ordered with a temperature or a combined temperature/humidity sensor.

W&T offers the WuTooth app through the Google Play Store. In addition to reading out the measuring data, the app makes it possible to directly display and manage the measurement series graphically.

For further processing on a PC the app allows you to export measurement series to various recipients via e-mail. The data are then available in CSV format, which can be read for example by Excel.

Windows PC or notebook users can also read out and display the measurement series from the WuTooth using the Sensoview tool and a Bluetooth USB stick.

Power is provided either by a battery (also rechargeabler) or a Micro-USB port.


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