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Press release December 2020

The first CO2 controlled fresh air timer

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH in Wuppertal, Germany introduces the timeair, the first CO2-controlled timer on the market.

The manufacturer of microcomputer and network technology for B2B is now also responding to the demands of the consumer market. The timeair was developed as a small ’in-house start-up’ for use in spaces where many people gather. It helps get control over the quality of the room air and thereby to prevent infections from aerosol-borne viruses.

The fresh air timer from W&T has two main features. By representing time in the form of a running circle of LEDs, the remaining time until the next needed air exchange can be seen continuously and intuitively. The observer gets all the necessary information at a glance. Sensible and effective ventilation pauses can then be planned. The manufacturer sees the greatest strength however in the linking of the two components time and current air quality.

The timeair measures the CO2 concentration of the ambient air. The CO2 value serves as an indicator for the concentration of stale air in the room. By using a preset limit value it determines the time until the next air exchange is required.

The timeair is available to commercial customers from Wiesemann & Theis for a net price of 170.69 €. Orders can be placed at wut.de/97200. Private customers can purchase the timeair for a gross price of 198.00 € at the online shop at timeair.de.

Wiesemann & Theis was founded in 1979 by Reinhard Wiesemann and Rüdiger Theis. 50 employees at the headquarters in Wuppertal produce microcomputer and network technology products. In 2001 Wiesemann & Theis was the first company to offer the Web Thermometer, the first industrial temperature sensor with a network interface, representing soon twenty years of experience in the areas of Industry 4.0 and internet.

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The timeair hangs in a meeting room [W&T] The time air in an event space

The timeair in operation [W&T] The timeair in normal operation

The timeair sounds an alarm [W&T] The limit value has been exceeded, the alarm is triggered

The timeair rests on a white background [W&T] The timeair from W&T