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Interfaces for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA, glass and plastic fiber optic cable, http, SNMP, OPC, Modbus TCP, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI

Success stories

W&T technology at the customer

Twins always come in pairs

Increase your productivity with TwinHub & IoT-Box

Digital twins with TwinHub and WuT

"But it’s running," could be what you hear from many operators about their production facilities. Because as long as production continues and is showing a profit, there seems to be no need to intervene. But who knows exactly how many resources are being wasted and how much more could actually be produced?

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Convenient climate management

Building automation with logiccloud & Web-IO

Building Intelligence

Digitization has changed building management - making it more efficient and profitable. Intelligent controllers save resources by optimizing management and significantly reducing the necessary maintenance effort and expense. But even digital solutions tie up capacities if, for example, the control and programming are linked to the local hardware or the physical network. It is therefore practical...

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Right before left!

Intralogistics with NAiSE Traffic & Web-IO


Intralogistics is a complex challenge which the company NAiSE, the world’s first to have mastered a software solution that truly takes into account all the many elements. The Web-IOs from W&T reliably serve as interfaces to the building infrastructure as one of the most important systems involved...

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Up and away

Remote control for radio station in South Korea

Radio tower

A Korean TV channel operates a radio station at 582m above sea level. To avoid a technician regularly having to trek out to the location for inspections and intervention and even to prevent outages, the Witree company has equipped the radio station with W&T components...

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Safe shopping & sightseeing

Measure and display customer frequency

Photo Neuschwanstein

Most businesses and tourist attractions have a way of counting persons as they enter and leave. The pure.box offers highly simple to implement, individually adaptable possibilities for making these count data for personnel and managers available at any time and visualizing them for customers in an appropriate way...

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Always on course

Tankers navigate using industrial interfaces

Photo of a tanker

For tankers of the Norwegian Knutsen Group perfect navigation is an absolute must. Rugged interfaces are required in order to reliably combine the navigation data from a variety of systems. The Active Communication company has integrated a dozen W&T industrial interfaces each on over 100 vessels...

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Fresh air in the ImperfectHouse

Clear heads thanks to timeair

uph video

The seminar rooms at the event and seminar location "Unpefekthaus" ("ImperfectHouse") are all equipped with a timeair. The timeair measures the CO2 concentration in the air and indicates when it is time to ventilate again. Thanks to the countdown no programs or presentations need to be needlessly interrupted. Our guests appreciate the discrete visual notification. (Till, ImperfectHouse)

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Strong double team in the Racket Arena

Automated booking and building technology with eBuSy + W&T

Tennis court

Want to drastically reduce the energy consumption and staff costs in indoor sports facilities? No problem if you use the right technology. The Rhein-Erft Racket Arena, the largest tennis arena in the Rhein-Erft district, uses for this the eBuSy booking system from the company productive web. W&T network components connect...

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W&T in Seoul

Smart factory & Automation World 2022


Automation World is an international exhibition that has taken place in Korea annually since 1990. Since 2015 the exhibition has featured a dedicated Smart Factory topic. Standing out from the 180 exhibitors at "Smart factory & Automation World" in Seoul are W&T distributor and partner WiTree: Its clever solutions for Industry 4.0 are finding great resonance...

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