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  • Sending push notifications

    Web Thermometer sends notifications to a cell phone

    Graphic: Push notification on smart phone and browser

    The W&T Web Thermometers can report limit violations and other system events over the network using various ways and means. A HTTPS call is used to cause ntfy.sh to send a push notification over the server to the smart phone or web app.

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  • Galvanic isolation for USB devices

    USB Isolators protect from faults and destruction

    Galvanic isolation

    USB almost always provides a directly leading connection between USB host (PC) and USB terminal device. But it’s not only in industrial applications that this brings with various problems that USB isolators can solve...

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  • Autonomous network monitoring with the IP Watcher

    Check IP addresses for status and issue an alarm when there is no response

    IP monitoring

    In these times of Industry 4.0 and IoT, knowing the status of network components is more critical than ever. The IP Watcher immediately detects and reports failures of devices and infrastructure...

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  • Control time switch with online calendar

    Synchronizing time switches with iCal

    Little man at computer

    There are numerous situations in which network time switches are useful - from switching lights to releasing doors and gates, switching alarms, break bells or church bells, to controlling watering and climate control systems and other building technology...

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  • Do it Yourself

    Security for machines and systems

    Graphic: Network island bridge

    The Microwall Bridge quickly and simply secures sensitive machines, systems and other devices. It segments your network based on your individual communication rules.

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  • Switching by phone call

    Thanks to VolP and SIP

    Graphic: Little man calls barrier

    Open gates or doors remotely? Trigger alarms by switching signal lamps, horns, bells or sirens? Control outdoor lighting? All it takes is a phone call - Switching with the SIP Ring Switch.

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  • Secure free spaces

    IT security for operative technologies

    Graphic: Three little men holding hands

    Automation technology in industry generally means combining components from different manufacturers into a common system. Standardized, TCP/IP-Ethernet based network protocols have been relied on since even before the Industry 4.0 initiative.

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  • Automation with standard protocols

    Integrating signals with Modbus-TCP, OPC UA/DA, REST or MQTT

    Modbus-TCP, OPC UA/DA, REST or MQTT

    Automation technology in industry generally means combining components from different manufacturers into a common system. Standardized, TCP/IP-Ethernet based network protocols have been relied on since even before the Industry 4.0 initiative.

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  • Cycle time and event-controlled automation environments

    IEC 61131 and IEC 61499 compared

    Little man on the shop floor

    The function blocks familiar from IEC 61131 were expanded with additional in- and outputs for event signaling and invoke each other...

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  • Programming Web-IO applications

    Monitoring, processing and setting IO signals in your own application.

    Little man at desk and Web -IO

    Anyone looking to handle smaller or larger automation tasks using their own application will find the ideal foundation with our Web-IO products.

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  • Incorporating serial devices into virtual systems

    Virtual COM ports in virtual machines

    Little men next to a monitor

    Virtualizing computer systems is sensible in many cases for reasons of both cost and security. But if the system is going to be used with serial devices...

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  • Switching between locations

    Tunnel IO signals "Box-to-Box" through the network

    2 signals on a world map

    Switching signals are often not needed in the same place they are generated. Unfortunately it is not always easy to link switching signals over greater distances...

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  • Use USB devices in your home office as well

    Little man at a desk

    The USB-Servers bring USB interfaces into the company network. Through use of a VPN this gives you access even from distant locations. This makes it possible to work from home in many cases where actual physical presence would be otherwise required...

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  • MQTT – communication in the Internet of Things

    3 little men with telephone jack

    The terminal devices involved in MQTT communication open a connection to a central messaging service, the broker. Here they can publish messages as a publisher or receive them as a subscriber...

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  • Monitor and improve air quality

    to prevent aerosol infections

    2 little men at an open window

    Although air quality should play a role not only in times of acute threats from highly infectious viruses, this is a time when special care needs to be taken...

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  • Temperature monitoring in the server room and computing room

    Little man points to temperature on a smart phone

    Elevated temperatures in the server room result in system failures. They also shorten service life of servers and separate power supplies. For example, lead acid batteries lose half of their operating hours if they are used at just 8°C over the recommended temperature range...

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  • Islandization with small firewalls

    IT security for machines, devices and systems

    Little man with umbrella

    Whether machine tool, x-ray machine or elevator controller: many of these devices are network-capable but are based on outdated and/or non-patchable operating systems. This makes them an easy target for hackers and represents a danger not only to those devices themselves but also for other network components...

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  • Building automation

    with the rule.box

    2 puzzle pieces

    The rule.box is the missing piece of the puzzle for implementing your automation tasks. With Node-RED as a programming environment it offers everything you need for acquiring, processing and sending data. The various models let you connect digital IOs, serial terminal devices and USB devices...

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  • PoE - Power supply from the network cable

    PoE table

    Power over Ethernet allows network components to be powered directly from the network cable and saves wiring effort and expense while eliminating additional power supplies...

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