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USB via network

USB server on DIN rail
Video manual

You activate the video function using the following button, whereby you use the provider Google and (at your own risk in terms of data protection ;) share data with it.

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W&T USB Server - runs anywhere

USB devices connected to the USB Server behave just as if they were connected directly to your Windows PC.
Now you can operate USB devices such as scanners, printers, dongles, audio/video and measurement technology etc. in your network.

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Worldwide access through USB

Communication between the USB Redirector and the USB Server can be accomplished across networks, including through routers: Install your USB device in the server room and access it from anywhere in the world. This lets you use the company network to also access USB devices in the company from a home office.

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USB ports for virtual machines

Integrating actual USB peripherals into virtual systems is often problematic. The W&T USB Redirector maps the virtual USB ports in the virtual guest systems cleanly to the actual USB ports on the USB Server. No changes to the host system, no modifications to drivers or applications are needed - it’s as if nothing has changed.

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Windows core driver

The PC-side USB Redirector is implemented as a Windows core driver, which ensures full and robust integration into the plug-and-play system. As with a local connection, the USB device requires no user login. Network faults, network interruptions, power failures are protected against with automatic restart.

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A team player

Incorporation into the network lets many users share work on USB devices which are connected to the USB server.

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Many different USB modes

Support of USB modes bulk, control, interrupt and isochronous ensures problem-free and uninterrupted communication with your devices. You can connect any traditional and isochronous USB devices or USB-Server to your accustomed applications!

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Long cable run

The maximum length for USB cables is specified as 5m. Depending on the cable, the environment and USB modes, 1-2 meters additional are possible. If transmission is no longer possible due to the cable length, your network and the USB server can be used to practically extend the cable.

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interoperability guarantee

We stand by our word: "We’re compatible with everything." If your particular USB device with its special driver and special version level in fact refuses to run, we will analyze precisely what makes your USB device so unique. As a rule this is all it takes to change the behavior of our USB Server so that it also works with your device. If even that does not provide a resolution, you will receive an exact technical error analysis. You can use this if needed to solve the problem with the help of the manufacturer of your USB device. We can guarantee all this because the vast majority of devices work the first time without any problem.

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Industrial strength

W&T has been developing and producing interfaces for industrial use for over 25 years and has always focused on the ruggedness and stable function of our devices. The USB Server is designed for 24/7 operation and features:

  • - Power from 24-48VDC source or PoE
  • - DIN rail mounting
  • - Enhanced noise immunity
  • - Galvanic isolation (PC <> USB device)