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Interfaces for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA, glass and plastic fiber optic cable, http, SNMP, OPC, Modbus TCP, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI
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For your information Wiesemann & Theis makes various offprints available which we will be happy to send you. You can also download the contents of these offprints here as a PDF file.

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  • TCP/IP Basics

    TCP/IP Ethernet to the Web-IO

    The seventh edition explains the basics of network technology, all the key protocols from Ethernet to TCP/IP - but also newer technologies such as VPN.

    PDF: approx. 4.2 MB
  • IO-Kochbuch

    Das Web-IO-Kochbuch

    Schlankes Automatisieren durch Web-Technologien mit konkreten Beispielen.

    PDF: ca. 1,4 MB

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