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Detect, monitor and control in the network

Web-IO family

Web-IOs are components for implementing small and medium-size remote IO and monitoring applications over TCP/IP Ethernet.

Each Web-IO has a user-friendly user interface and can be used as a stand-alone device for direct access to individual IO or measuring points. Then for example digital outputs are switched via MQTT or e-mail messages are sent when one of the inputs changes its state.

For larger installations with multiple Web-IOs the Motherbox can be used as a practical "control center".

A variety of M2M protocols on the application and network level (such as OPC UA, Modbus/TCP, REST and SNMP, ...) continues to support integration into existing MES, Scada or monitoring systems.

Sensors, analog and digital IO

Edge computing

Web-IO access paths

The Motherbox is the switching and control center for the Web-IOs. A graphical interface represents the input and measurement values of the connected devices and lets you switch and set values on the outputs. The integrated database records measurement values and states. These data can be exported for logs and reports.

The rule.box is an individual programmable application server that makes it possible to use Node-RED for developing individual automation solutions. For data communication models with serial interface, network terminal, switchable in- and outputs and USB are available.

Cloud access

Web-IO mobile access

The W&T Cloud is a free service of Wiesemann & Theis that allows you to access your measurement values from anywhere in the world.

Conceptualizing, consultation and support

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