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Product overview:

Web-IO® Digital

Digital switching signals in the network

The Web-IO Digital provides access to switching signals over the network. Supported are 24V, 230V and other voltages using coupling relays. The states of the inputs are detected, processed and monitored using configurable actions. In this way you can for example send e-mail alarms or switch outputs when an input changes.

The Web-IO Digital provides access to digital switching signals (24V/230V) over the network.

  • Versatile network remote switch
    The digital outputs can be switched over the Web, an app or from your own applications. In Box-2-Box mode in- and outputs are adjusted between two devices across different locations.
  • Detect and monitor
    Using configurable actions you monitor the in- and outputs and send e-mails when there are status changes or you can switch the outputs.
  • Simple integration into IoT, SCADA, MES and NMS systems
    via MQTT, Modbus/TCP, OPC and SNMP

Current Web-IO 4.0 Digital

Ready for Industry 4.0 and IoT with MQTT and REST

Count pulses and send reports

Relay for switching 230V

Additional products for visualization & networking

Software tools

Older models up to 2016

Remote and time-controlled switching, alarm sending, monitoring and logging