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Current press releases

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  • Web-IO 4.0 Analog:

    Analog signals over MQTT and REST

    Web-IO 4.0 Analog

    The two new "Web-IO 4.0 Analog" from German electronics manufacturer Wiesemann & Theis lets you read and set analog signals using the IoT protocol lMQTT and REST.

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  • Web-IO 4.0 for mains power

    Switch 230V/16A over the network and internet

    Web-IO Digital 230V

    Wiesemann & Theis GmbH is expanding their offering of network-based I/O systems with an industrial-grade 230V remote switch for load currents up to 16 amps. Model 57732 is immediately available and, like the entire Web-IO family, supports a variety of network and communication protocols.

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  • Golang on the pure.box

    Individual automation solutions in Golang on the pure.box

    Web-IO in the control cabinet

    The "pure.box" communication and automation server from Wiesemann & Theis GmbH is simple to program using Google’s GO programming language. The result is individualized communication solutions for Industry 4.0, residential and building automation with little effort.

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