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Web-IO 4.0

User-friendly yet with functional versatility

Web-IO 4.0 in the control cabinet

Over the last several months we have subjected our network-based remote switches and measuring sensors in the Web-IO family to a general overhaul. The Web-IOs 4.0 are now available and offer new protocols, improved security and simplified user guidance.

You can use communication paths to configure the desired protocols and interfaces, including email or MQTT. Use actions to determine how your Web-IO should respond to a particular event. For example you can send an email when a measured temperature has reached a limit value - or switch a digital output when an MQTT subscription is received.

Speaking of MQTT: Along with the IoT protocol from IBM, a RESTful interface also enables effortless integration into the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Web-IO 4.0: Interfaces for network-based in- and output

  • Switching signals:
    Web-IO 4.0 Digital

    Web-IO Digital NYM Web

    Access your machine switching states for example from operator terminals (9...30V). Depending on the Web-IO model (or with the help of relays) you ocan also monitor voltages up to 230V. In the simplest case states can be monitored and switched remotely from a browser.

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  • Analog signals:
    Web-IO 4.0 Analog

    Web-IO Analog

    Measure analog signals (0...20mA or 0...10V) and tunnel or visualize them over the network. Current converters can also be used to monitor higher currents. This makes simple condition monitoring possible from a browser.

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  • Environmental effects:
    Web Thermometer

    Web Thermometer

    With Web-Thermometers you create a modern, expandable monitoring solution in no time that includes visualization (also via cloud service) and a data collection for long-term monitoring. Depending on the model you can also measure relative humidity, air quality and barometric pressure.

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Don’t just wonder. Now you can test your curiosity!

The respective product overviews take you to the data sheets, where you can also order devices for a free 30-day test.

Note for existing customers

Please reference the NEW article numbers in your order. The unchanged predecessor models will remain available for as long as possible.

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