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Data sheet:

Centronics Buffer, 64KB

  • Centronics buffer

Accelerate your printer


General information

  • Fast temporary storage of parallel data
  • Reduces the load on the computer during printing
  • No installation procedure required
    • Simply connect between the computer and the printer, instead of the printer cable
  • Compact design

Background information:

This simple buffer technology is still preferred for printouts on dot-matrix printers and other relatively slow special printers that are commonly used in industrial enterprises.

Technical data

  • Capacity:
    • 64 KB, 256 KB, 1 MB
  • Transfer rate:
    • 15 kcps
  • Power supply:
    • supplied power adapter
  • Current consumption:
    • approx. 60 mA
  • Input:
    • 36-pin Centronics socket
    • incl. 0.5m cable attached to the device
  • Output:
    • 36-pin Centronics adapter, buffer
    • Can be plugged directly to the printer
  • Housing:
    • Plastic housing, 75x61x20 mm
  • Weight:
    • 370 g incl. power adapter
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 1x Centronics buffer
    • 1x power adapter for application in office