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Press Release June 2011:

pure.box 2

Mini-application carrier with maxi-performance

Wuppertal, June 2011. The company Wiesemann & Theis introduces the pure.box 2, an alternative to the traditional PC as an application carrier in the control cabinet. The preconfigured Linux system on the pure.box eliminates time-consuming installation and administration of an operating system. This saves time which one can otherwise use for your own application. With no mechanical parts and a generous temperature range, the pure.box is also much more rugged than a PC.

Individual applications, written in C/C++, Java and PHP, can be run on the box upon system start, time-based or when data is received on a specified server port. The supported database systems MySQL and SQLite enable direct storage of configuration and application data in the 750 MB flash memory on the pure.box. This provides so much space that when using PHP, HTML, XML, CSS Javacript/AJAX or other programming languages, you can also store web pages for configuring, controlling and visualizing.

The ’pure.box 2’ is optionally available with serial or USB interface, allowing local coupling of terminal devices. This enables you for example to make a serially connected device web-capable. Network-side WLAN and mobile connection is already in development.

Starting at 198 Euro and with an energy consumption is less than 1.5W, the ’pure.box 2’ is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for taking applications to the DIN rail and even replacing existing PC systems.

Technical data can be found at: www.WuT.de/50511


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