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Product overview:

Measuring technology accessories

Article no. Description Design
57011 Temperature sensors for indoor use

Pt-100 cable sensor Class A

  • Cable length 2m
  • Enclosure rating: IP67
  • 4-wire connection
  • Pigtail cable
  • Temperature range -50°C...180°C
  • Maximum measuring error: ±0.15°C, ±0.2%
57014 Temperature sensors for outdoor use

Pt-100 cable sensor Class B

  • 4-wire connection
  • IP65 housing for outdoor use
  • Temperature range -50°C...90°C
  • Maximum measuring error: ±0.3°C, ±0.5%
57021 Water spray protection for Thermo-Hygro-Baro Sensor

Retrofitting the sensor with sintered bronze cap

  • IP X4 protection
  • Sealing rating per DIN 40050: 1993 Part 9

Article list

*Net unit price for
commercial users
    • Pt-100 cable sensor, Class A, IP67 with 2m cable, 4-wire with open cable ends
    • 57011
    • 22.00€
    • Pt-100 external probe, class B, 4-wire, IP65 housing
      (This outdoor sensor cannot be calibrated)
    • 57014
    • 54.00€
    • Retrofit with sintered cap for 57713/57720/57613/57620
    • 57021
    • 22.00€

* Our offering is intended only for commercial users. We will be happy to refer private end customers to trading partners through whom our products can be purchased.