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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Remote control and monitoring - from anywhere!

With Internet access via satellite it makes no difference where you are

Objects and equipment which are not continually staffed and which are also in difficult to access locations require a special kind of remote monitoring. But it is in just such locations, like mountain huts, lighthouses or other technical equipment which is cut off from the normal infrastructure, where there is often neither DSL or UMTS mobile reception available.

In such cases Internet access via satellite in combination with W&T IO technology offers an ideal solution. With Web-IO Digital, Web-Thermographs and analog Web-IO boxes you can for example switch lights and pumps, monitor windows and doors for break-in and observe temperatures as they progress. Even tank levels can be kept in check remotely.


The required technology is much simpler and especially less expensive than is commonly imagined. Only the satellite receiver and the corresponding Web-IO are needed on site. The hardware costs to monitor and control 12 switching signals for example is only around 1000,- € including Web-IO, satellite antenna and receiver.


The Web-IO boxes include an integrated Web server. The user can load the Web pages stored there directly into the browser and immediately gets an overview of the current IO status. Switching the outputs is also possible directly from the browser after a password-protected login. No PC or server is needed at the remote location.

Additional software is not necessarily required. Nevertheless, Web-IO products can also be accessed easily from your own applications using the TCP/IP software interface.

Additional possibilities include the alarm functions of the Web-IOs. When a limit is violated or certain switching signals are detected, the Web-IO boxes can send an alarm mail. With the right provider and a correspondingly equipped cell phone you can even receive such warning messages on your phone.

By the way: satellite Internet access can of course also be used as usual together with a PC or notebook for surfing the Internet or getting e-mails.

Do you not yet have a Web-IO but would like to try out the example here on your normal DSL?

No problem: We will be happy to provide you with the Web-IO Digital 12xInput, 12xOutput at no charge for 30 days. Simply fill out a sample order and we will ship the Web-IO on open invoice for testing. If you return the unit within 30 days we will cancel the invoice in full.

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