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Application for Web-IO Digital / Remote controlled timer:

Web-IO Digital as timer switch

With the Web-IO Digital you can not only conveniently configure timed switching actions, but also display them clearly.

Web-IO Digital as timer switch

The switching times can be entered just like normal dates either on the local PC or in an online calendar. Using an iCal file the switching times are sent to the Web-IO through the network connection.

Depending on what internet connections are available the Web-IOs can check the central calendar cyclically and accept the changes.

If the iCal file is already loaded into the Web-IO, the integrated timer will also work without a connected network.

Once the Web-IO is connected through the network, the individual outputs on the Web-IO can also be directly turned on or off from the browser at different times than scheduled in the calendar. The switching state selected in this way remains until the next time-controlled switching action (or until the user again accesses through the browser).


Currently sold Web-IO 4.0 Digital units no longer support this function!

There may however be other implementation options for your application using current technologies from Industry 4.0.

For customers with iCal there are still a few Web-IO models which support this function.

Please contact our engineer, who will be glad to assist you:

Frank Thiel
Phone: +49 202/2680-110


  • Ethernet portConnect the Web-IOs to a free Ethernet port and provide power
  • In/OutConnect up the inputs and outputs
  • Assign IP addressAssign the Web-IO Digital an IP address
  • ConfigurationConfigure the Web-IO Digital in the browser

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