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Data sheet:

Web-Count 6x Digital

Article number: 57652

  • Web-Count 6x Digital
  • easy start

Web-based Pulse count acquisition with reporting, operation from the browser and data logging.

Count pulses from up to six signal sources. Send event- or time-triggered reports with information about the current counter states by FTP or by mail for example. The browser-based operating software for the device’s own Web server allows you to always keep the counter states in view and read out the built-in data logger for analysis and archiving purposes. This Smart Meter means nothing will escape your attention!

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  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT autosensing, RJ45
  • Galvanic isolation between the ports
    • Isolation voltage min. 1000V between digital inputs and network

Management and connectivity:

  • NEW: Use the Web-Counter as an hours of operation counter
  • Web-based management
    • Configuration of the system parameters
    • Definition of reports for counter state reporting
  • 12 freely configurable reports
    • Triggers: Each digital signal generator (input signal), counter states or time-triggered
    • Reporting: E-Mail, SNMP Trap, UDP- and TCP Client, Syslog Messages, FTP
  • 6 digital industry-standard inputs as signal input
    • Type 1, current sinking in accordance with IEC 1131-2
    • galvanically isolated in 2 groups
    • Polarity reversal protected
    • Counter function (32-bit)
    • Supports S0 pulse generators
  • Event storage in internal data logger
    • 8MB non-volatile memory (approx. 1,000,000 counter events)
    • Consistent recording of data records using battery-backed clock
    • Recording of input and counter states
    • Changed counter value saved every 100ms
  • Operating software on integrated Web server
    • Running software packet in each Web browser (no installation! No plug-in!)
    • Self-refreshing display of current counter states
    • Display of the logger contents
    • Export any data logger time windows into CSV files
  • Online Web interface language selection
    • Deutsch
    • English

Power supply:

  • PoE (Power-Over-Ethernet):
    • Phantom power using data pairs
    • Power provided by unused wire pairs (spare-pair power)
  • Supply voltage from external power supply:
    • Supply from external power supply possible as an alternative to PoE

Standards & more

  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance for industrial environments
    • Low noise emission for residential and business areas
  • 5 year guarantee
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Detect pulse counts from sensors:
The Web-Count 6x Digital makes it possible for you to acquire pulse counts from sensors with switching outputs and record them in the internal data memory with a time stamp.

With the Web-based operating software on the internal Web server you have full access to the device function from any browser in the network:

  • Monitor absolute and relative counter states
  • Read out the data logger (see Screenshots)
  • Export the stored data (Destination: *.CSV file)
  • Monitor utilization of the data memory

The software is self-refreshing, so that pages do not need to be reloaded in order to update the display. No installation or additional plugin is needed for running.

Once the device has received an IP address corresponding to your network, further parameter setting is also Web-based using configuration pages in the internal Web server.

Reports can be sent event- or time-triggered through a TCP/IP based network. The following methods are available:

  • Mail
  • SNMP trap
  • FTP
  • Syslog messages
  • TCP and UDP client

These reports can provide the reporting time, the current status of the counters and the state of the six digital inputs. The texts can be formulated individually.

User interface

Technical data:Show more

Connections and displays:

Network:   10/100BaseT autosensing, RJ45
IPv6 on request
Digital counter inputs:   6 x Digital In,
Serial port:   RS232 interface as an optional configuration access.
Adapters:   2x screw terminal for power (alternative to POE)
8x screw terminal for digital inputs
Reports:   12 reports for messaging over the network
Response times:   Data exchange: typ. 12ms
  Max. input voltage +/-30 V
  Protected against polarity reversal within this range
  Switching threshold 8V +/- 1V
  "On" current = 2.2mA
    integrated 32-bit counter
Counting frequency:   1000 edges or 500 pulses per second
Galvanic isolation:   Digital inputs - network: min. 1000V
Power supply:   Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or via screw terminal with
DC 24V-48V (+/-10%) or AC 18Veff-30Veff (+/-10%)
Current consumption:   PoE Class 1 (0.44W - 3.84W)
typ. 125mA@24V DC
Displays:   1 LED Status
1 LED Power
1 LED Error

Housing and other data:

Housing:   Plastic housing for DIN rail mount
105 x 45 x 75mm (L x W x H)
Enclosure rating:   IP20
Weight:   approx. 190g
Ambient temperature:   Storage: -25..+70°C
Operating: 0°C-55°C when not row mounted
0°C-50°C when row mounted
Scope of delivery:   Web-Count 6x Digital including operating software on integrated Web server
Quick Guide
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Power supplies
Plug-in Power Supply, 24V / 220mA DC with Euro plug 11020 19.00 order now
Power Supply for DIN rail mount, 24V / 4.2A DC
(merchandise, 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee)
11077 89.00 order now
Storage and Visualization
Motherbox 3 50504 298.00 order now
Mechanical Accessories
Mounting bracket for wall mounting 58812 9.98 order now
19" DIN rail 58813 19.00 order now
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