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Application for the Web-IO Digital:

Web-IO Digital - Configuring action for MQTT Box-to-Box

Configuring action for Box-to-Box via MQTT

  • To change the configuration of the Web-IO you first need to obtain the necessary access rights by entering the administrator password.

    Box to Box Master
  • For Box-to-Box over MQTT to function, you must go to Communication channels >> MQTT to enable and configure it.

    Configuring MQTT

  • Then in the menu tree select Actions. Click on the Add button to create a new action.

    Web-IO MQTT configuration

  • For the action to be executed when the respective trigger event occurs, it must first be enabled. Under Action Name you can assign a meaningful name.

  • In the Action field select MQTT-Publish.

  • The Topic path depends on which output on which Web-IO you want to switch. Then select the input that should trigger the action. Under Upon change switch to select ON.

  • Under Quality of Service select QoS 1.

  • Then you must save the configuration by clicking on Apply.

  • For every output that needs to be switched via MQTT another action must be created.