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Data sheet:

IO mailer, 10/100BT, 5V

  • IO-Mailer

Existing alarm outputs send e-mail messages

IO mailer replaces error message printer or indicator lamp; if an error occurs, an e-mail message is sent to the responsible employee. Alternatively, an SMS is sent to his/her mobile phone.


Available operating modes:

  1. Status change at digital outputs trigger off the dispatch of preconfigured e-mail messages
  2. The reception of specific number combinations at the RS232 triggers off the dispatch of preconfigured e-mail messages
  3. All received RS232 data is mailed to the preset recipient
  4. Remote control of the IO mailer via RS232 and thus dispatch of individual e-mail message

General information

  • Triggering the dispatch of e-mail messages via the RS232 interface
    (options available for RS422/485, 20mA and Centronics)
  • Issuing serial data by means of e-mail
  • Alarm by e-mail in the case of a status change at a digital input
  • Functions for linking and counters
  • Individual queries of input and output statuses by e-mail
  • Output definition by e-mail
  • Configuration by e-mail
  • Network connection:
    • 10/100BT autosensing
  • Power supply:
    • 12-24 volts AC/DC

Background information:

Serial terminal devices send e-mail messages

The injection molding machine is shut down for half an hour. As nobody pays any attention to the error message printer, no granules have been refilled.
The IO mailer helps prevent such situations! Serial error messages are sent by e-mail directly to the responsible staff member. If necessary, the message can be dispatched as SMS to his/her mobile phone.

E-mail directly from the terminal

Heating system failure? Breakdown of cooling machine? Water in the machine room or unauthorized access to your premises? The IO mailer alerts you immediately so you can prevent further damage! The box of the size of a packet of cigarettes monitors operating statuses and issues an alarm message by e-mail or by SMS directly to your mobile phone.

The two digital inputs of the IO mailer can be controlled by means of potential-free contacts or signals of up to 30V. You define when and to whom an e-mail message is sent and you can enter the text for the subject line and the message.

In addition to the two inputs, the IO mailer is equipped with two digital outputs that can also be controlled by e-mail. Irrespective of the alarm conditions, you can at any time query the status of the inputs and outputs by e-mail.

Simply connect the small box to the local network, assign an IP number and configure the mail parameters.


Certificate Electronics magazine: 2nd placein the vote for Product of the Year 2001

Technical data

  • Serial adapter
    • RS232 RxD and TxD to DB9F DCE
    • without flow control
  • Digital inputs:
    • 2 inputs, voltage-stable up to +/- 30V,
    • CMOS compatible switching threshold
  • Digital outputs:
    • 2 "open collector" outputs, max. 100mA / 30V
  • Network:
    • 10/100BT autosensing
  • E-mail function:
    • Mail for alarm or as reporting function
  • Mail protocols:
    • SMTP, POP3
  • Configuration interface:
    • DHCP or serial RS232 port, 9600 baud,
    • 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
  • Ambient storage temperature:
    • -40..+70°C
  • Housing:
    • Plastic compact housing, 105x75x22mm
  • Weight:
    • approx. 200 g
  • Supply voltage:
    • DC: 12V (-5%) .. 34V (+5%)
    • AC: 9Veff (-5%) .. 24Veff (+5%)
  • (without external wiring)
    • typically 175mA, max. 225mA @24V DC
    • non-cascaded: 0..+60°C
    • cascaded: 0..+50°C
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 1 x IO mailer