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Case history:

Monitoring a climate chamber fault over the network

The climate chambers on which this example is based are commonly used in university departments for laboratory tests and for the storage of samples. In order to be able to immediately respond if there are any disruptions, the respective messages should be transferred to the central technical office, which is manned 24 hours a day. However, the costs for the laying of cables to connect the individual alarm devices were prohibitive, given the distances to be covered on the campus. As all buildings are however connected to the university’s intranet, a solution was eventually found by digital I/O Com-Servers in box-to-box mode. Adjacent climate chambers were combined into groups, and their outputs were connected to a joint Com-Server. By means of box-to-box mode, an alarm is immediately transferred over the intranet to the partner box, where it is forwarded to the corresponding output. The signal activates an alarm lamp at a properly labeled signal board so that the problem can be solved in no time.

Two devices connected over the network

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