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Press release June 2020

Secure remote maintenance with WireGuard

The Microwall VPN enables protected remote access

Network specialist W&T introduces the Microwall VPN, a user-friendly solution for remote maintenance of equipment and systems.

With integrated Wireguard VPN server, the Microwall enables encrypted remote access to systems installed at your customers without the need to give external service providers access to the surrounding network. Also eliminated is the need for redirecting data traffic using a meet-in-the-middle server.

A UDP data stream is used to construct an encrypted tunnel between the network segment spanned by the Microwall and a Wireguard client. Such clients are available for all large mobile and desktop operating systems. Authentication is provided by paired keys which are generated over the web interface. This interface is also used for the rest of the configuration. At startup you need only configure routers and firewalls in the network such that incoming UDP data for a single port is passed on to the Microwall VPN.

In your own network the Microwall VPN protects vulnerable systems from attackers and malware. Older systems that have the needed services with known security gaps are isolated within a dedicated network segment. Access from outside is only through cryptographically authenticated clients. And yet there is no reduction in functionality: by setting up firewall rules you can ensure that the affected system has access to the required services in the surrounding network.

The Microwall VPN is available from Wiesemann & Theis at a price of 498.00 €. Commercial customers are able to test article number 55211 at no cost for a period of four weeks. Additional information can be found at www.wut.de/55211.

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