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Case history:

Administration of TC systems over the network

Locations of telephone systems are often selected such that administration and processing of the fee data on-site is extremely cumbersome. In this example, the data was to be accessible from several workplaces, using a telecommunications system with two serial ports.


The multi-port Com-Server meets all these requirements. The first port on the TC system is used for the administration of the system using serial configuration software. Accordingly, the Windows COM Port Redirector was installed at the corresponding workstations. The serial ports on the Com-Server appear to the individual computers like local COM ports, which can be used accordingly by the software.

The second port on the TC system is used exclusively to output the fee data and is equipped with an internal memory.

This data is read out through a normal FTP client and stored as a file for later processing by the responsible operators at regular intervals. By using only standard TCP/IP-based software, the option is kept open for later substitution of computers or operating systems. When people or locations change, the configuration can be quickly adapted to the new circumstances without modifying the hardware. If changes as regards locations or staff become necessary, the configuration can easily adapted to the new requirements without any need to modify the hardware settings.

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