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Web-IO Digital Box-to-Box

Send switching signals over the network

Whether gate control at the company entrance, the nurse call system in a hospital, or alarm switches on the cold store or furnace - there are many places where there is a need to send switching signals over longer distances.

Web-IO - Box-to-Box

One way to get around the cabling mess is to use the local network as a transmission path. No problem with our Web-IO Digital models.

How it’s done

As soon as these steps are completed, the outputs on the one Web-IO follow the inputs on the other 1:1. This works in both directions of course.

Box-to-Box solutions offer many advantages:

  • In a full TCP/IP infrastructure Box-to-Box solutions also work between networks, i.e. through routers.
  • When locations change no great rewiring is required. All you need to do is connect the affected Web-IO to the network at the new location and change the IP parameters.
  • Box-to-Box connections are secured by the TCP protocol. When a connection is lost, for example from a network disturbance, the Web-IOs find each other again without any administrative intervention.
  • When correspondingly configured, similar to wire break protection, a safe state for the outputs is determined when the network connection is lost.
  • Current signal states can be queried at any time using the Web interface.

Here is a sampling of suitable products