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Application for USB-Server

Protected operation of USB dongles in the network

USB dongles connected over the network

Definition of tasks

Software manufacturers often use hardware dongles as licensing/copy protection, where they are expected for operating the respective program on a local USB port of the PC. License-conformal, alternating operation of the protected programs on multiple workstations requires carrying the dongles back and forth or even sending them between the workstations.

The risk of losing the dongle or wasting time looking for it because a colleague happens to be on vacation is always high.

The solution

The dongle is integrated in a protected area (e.g. server room) into the network through a USB-Server. The workstation accesses the associated licensed software on a virtual USB port of the W&T USB Redirector, which redirect communication to the USB-Server through the network.

The details

  • 1. The USB-Server is connected to the network and receives its IP parameters via DHCP or using the WuTility management and inventorying tool.
    Photo of network socket
  • 2. The dongle(s) are connected to the USB-Server.
    Photo of USB port
  • 3. The W&T USB Redirector is installed and started on the desired PCs.
    USB Redirector
  • 4. The desired dongle is selected from the inventory list of the configuration tool and connected to the PC via mouse click. The dongle is shown as busy on other workstations and cannot be incorporated.
    Dongle management
  • 5. After work is finished the virtual connection is closed by a mouse click. The dongle is now available for connecting on other workstations.
    USB dongle available